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find out why taking this could be as important as your inhaler. we want to start with continuing coverage of the three alarm fire that is going on in the community. you can see firefighter husband a tough afternoon. abc 2 news roosevelt leftwich joins us live. 25 people are looking for a place to stay tonight. >> reporter: the red cross is working with those 25 people to try to see if they can help them find shelter and places to stay tonight after fire devastated their apartment building. it happened here in owens mills. the fire was just moving very, very quickly through that building. take a look at video we shot earlier. earlier this afternoon that is when the fire broke out just after 2. the fire burned in one apartment and quickly spread. 13 units were burned. 25 people had been dislocated including 212 children. peepinalicide say they only had a minute or so to get out.
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firefighters say the way the building was built may have add today the difficulty of fighting this fire. >> when you have an open roof like this a fire can spread easily. once it gets in the roof it spreads throughout the building. it is hard to contain it. crews did a tremendous job. given the conditions it was already breached the roof. >> reporter: one firefighter had to be taken to the hospital from just heat exhaustion. the temperatures were very high. the firefighters were wearing about 80 pounds of equipment when they go in to fight the fires. the residents managed to get out okay. the parm complex is working with displaced families to try to find them other apartments here and the red cross is providing for other needs now. we will have more coming up tonight at 11. reporting live, roosevelt leftwich, abc 2 news. it is a make or bake day. 97, 94, 96.
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those are the measurements of pig town. are we about to live through a stormy sequel tonight? here is what to look out for. >> right now we are just getting our computer reloaded here. it crashed on us. there is nothing better than that when you are doing weather and your computer crashes right before you are it. there are the humidity numbers loading up. that has been an improvement for us. lower humidity today. the heat index is still way up there. 100 at the inner harbor. 102 in dc. we are still sweltering. that humidity coming down and so that is going to be an improvement for us. the rest of the evening we fall through the 80s. stays hazy and hot and still a couple more hours of code orange alert. >> must be the heat. all you hear during major heat
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waves is to stay inside and stay cool. what about those who do not have air conditioning? here are tips from the maryland emergency management agency. pull the shades over the windows. use cross ventilation and fans to cool off the room. a cool shower or bath always works to help cool you off. limit the use of stoves and ovens. whenever hot weather hits go to click on our hot weather guide. it includes tips to beat the heat and how to figure fought you are experiencing heat related illnesses. the latest now on this police investigation going on. a sex abuse scandal at the earth treks climbing gym. howrd county police have arrested a second climbing coach. his name 20 year old daniel montague. they have charged him with 4th degree sex offenses. montague was an assistant coach of the team which was run by
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line linekeep. police arrested michael lyons in june. we first brought you news of an amber alert. today darrick charles brown is safely back in the arms of his family. abc 2 news jeff hager spoke with derrick exclusively and helen jones who came to his rescue. >> wow. there were a lot of people worried about you. >> reporter: tire second hungry after being snatched up in his own street and tossed in the trunk of a car and held against his will for 13 hours the first thing darrick charles brown wanted was something to eat. >> what did you eat? >> a sandwich. >> police issued an amber alert for derrick shortly after targeted for abduction playing with other children on his street. >> a passenger got out of the vehicle, snatched the 8 year old up and threw him in the trunk. >> reporter: the kidnapping
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and attempt to collect ransom fell apart when one of the abductors left derrick alone and helen jones spotted him. >> he looked over at me and i'm watching him. i'm saying this little boy has on black shirt and black pants and then it dawned on me. i realized i wonder if this little boy is missing. the little boy was acting strange. >> reporter: jones dialed 911. derrick called his home and within minutes his grandparents had arrive today get him. >> they were hugging and kissing and crying. i was shaking. they were shaking. it was wonderful. >> reporter: police have one suspect in custody and they are still search figure 21 year old raheem taylor who witnesses say was seen sitting and watching the children an hour before the abduction. >> the family wants to thank the community, the kids that came forward and said what they
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saw that helped bring him home safely. prayers of all of our neighbors. we had people praying. everybody just came together. >> in southwest baltimore, jeff hager, abc 2 news. >> one good looking kid. helen jones, thank you. long before she came to derrick's aid police were closing in on a suspect. one of the suspects called demanding ransom money and they recognized the cell phone number as someone they knew. all new at 6 are our taxes going up? lawmakers may tackle more than just that new congressling district during a special session coming up in october. according to the washington examiner members of the state budget and taxation committee have asked budget analysis to look into the impact of expanding sales tax on medicine, landscaping and accounting services. the governor has asked the
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comptroller's office to study the sales tax. those who want marriage equality here in maryland gathered to announce a new coalition. kelly swoope joins us to explain how the coalition may help their cause. >> reporter: maryland came real close to being the sixth state to allow same sex marriages but a bill that passed in the senate never made it to the house. today several groups including equality maryland gathered to announce the formation of marylanders for marriage equality. now, the hope is the group's combined efforts can boost the chance the bill will be passed in the next general assembly. the group included clergy who support such a bill. >> i do believe that marriage equality is for all people.
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gender expression. i believe we all have a right to choose whether or not we want to be marry second to be able to be offered that opportunity to make that choice. >> we want to finally be able to get married in the state of maryland. we do not want to travel to dc or any of the other states. we only want to stay in maryland. >> they hope new york's passage of a similar bill will lead to an additional one here. >> just want to give you the funeral plans for long time baltimore car dealer bob bell. bell died early sunday morning of leukemia. he had apparently not been feeling well the last few weeks. he got his start in laurel before moving into the baltimore area becoming a house hold name. bob bell was 78. a viewing will be held tomorrow at the gary coffman funeral
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home. times will be 2 to 4 and 7 to 9 and then a burial service will be coming up on thursday at his church, st. louis catholic church starting at 10 in the morning following by private intournament. a pilot's group is stressing everybody that flies know the rules around camp david after three airplanes had to be escorted and shooed away from the presidential retreat. pilots are expected to stay about 3 to 10-mile radius at camp david. when it comes to dealing with the heat and humidity having a breathing problem is a problem. >> a lot is the air quality alerts i feel my asthma kick in a little bit. >> find out what simple item you can add to your diet that might help you breathe a little easier tonight. maryland wineries are concerns.
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we'll see. 92 today. 97 was our old record from way back in 1908. we guaranteed in 97. it didn't happen at the airport but did happen at the inner harbor today. we'll talk about the cool off that is coming. when it gets here. please get here quick. it is coming up. @póo
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you're watching the station that works for you. howard county executive says he will issue an executive order to ban smoking at all 57 howard county parks and the ban will start tomorrow. this protects the rights of nonsmokers who use the parks. howrd has one of the lowest smoking rates in the entire state of maryland. when it is hot out and the air is thick breathing can be uncomfortable. if you have asthma you know it can be worse. how adding a simple ingredient to your diet can make all the difference in the world. >> reporter: for katrina duff days like this can be bittersweet. she knows an asthma flare could be just a breath away. >> a lot of times when there are the air quality alerts i feel my asthma kick in a little bit. >> reporter: she makes sure to keep her inhaler nearby. she added more soy to her diet.
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>> americans in general do not take a whole lot of soy. the groups of folk whose did seemed to have better lung function that made us think maybe this is something that could improve their asthma. >> reporter: doctor john is an asthma specialist. he is helping conduct a new national study to see if adding more soy can make breathing easier. doctors say there is an ingredient that is a powerful antiinflamatory agent. in places like asia asthma complications tend to be lower. >> we have very good drugs for asthma. in the majority of patients they work pretty well. when the first line medicines don't really work then we are much more limited. >> reporter: if soy proves to be effective it could be a simple and inexpensive option for people like katrina. >> i take vitamins or a daily basis.
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i thought maybe adding another supplement to my daily vitamin intake wouldn't be a big deal. >> and the study is being conducted in a dozen of states including ours. results will be out in the next couple of years. now, maryland's most powerful doppler radar and the forecast certified most accurate by weather rate. looking at the inner harbor and it is hot down here. in the city today 97-degrees. at the airport, though, 92 was our high and our current temperature. humidity moderately high at 46%. and winds have shifted from southwest to northwest. and that bringing in it's not that it is not humid but slightly drier air. of course, that humidity and heat fueling storms last night. a sky shot sent in from lauren cooper showing the rough storm. most of us got showers and storms last night. that is good because the pattern is dry looking from now
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right through the end of the weekend. if you didn't get rain last night it is going to be tough to find it the next couple of days. congressional country club would have been a decent day out on the links. just have to keep the cold beverages handy. in laurel today high school an ex hot on the field. a few kids out there. summit ridge a few puffy clouds. looks like cotton balls. it is hot underneath the few clouds. right now maryland's most powerful radar is all clear. if we get a stray shower it probably comes early tomorrow morning. i don't think most of us are going to see rain. 92 at the airport. hotter at 93 at the beach. you throw in the humidity. heat index values north of 100. feeling like 102 in dc. humidity is noticeably higher just south of baltimore. 39% in inner harbor. 47% in annapolis. as you go further south in the
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state down into tobacco country it is more humid. not so much here in baltimore or parts northward. it is clear across most of the state. we have one interesting storm cluster down in the deep south and mid south. this thing is actually for the moment moving from east to west, moving away from the east coast and away from maryland. so i think we're clear tonight unlike last night where we had the line of storms blowing in out of ohio. tonight the storms are pushing away. hot and humid air will hang out tonight. drier air will continue to push farther south. tomorrow will the 80s as some of the nicer air moves in, too. tropes looking active right along the central south america coast line just north of columbia. just too close to land to get any activity. we are looking for another
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named storm. we only had one so far this season, tropical storm on the mexican coast. this is get ag little more organized east of bermuda. overnight 70. partly cloudy. less humid. that is good; right? tomorrow 91 but a little less fearing. i don't think as many mid 90s and the humidity will stay lower. it will be less muggy overnight tomorrow night and maybe shut the ac off late tomorrow night. seven day forecast check it out. the outlook not bad. our average high temperature in this part of july 87. so these mid to upper 80s are not unusual. you just wouldn't know it from the june we had. >> you are going to be interested in this next story. have you heard of a policy like this for a school system. ory. fredrick county public schools are going to change the procedures when dealing with tornado warnings.
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if there is a tornado warning in effect by 5 in the morning on a school day schools will open two hours late. if it is in effect later than 5u7 in the morning the schools will be closed for the day. ever hear of anything like that? >> that is new. the stink bugs are not going away anytime soon. are they effecting wine making in our state? according to the university of maryland researcher there is good and bad news in findings presented today in an annual meeting in eastern us wine makers. joe says as few as five stink bugs in 25 pounds of grapes can effect the smell and taste of the juice. however joe is unable to find noticeable change in the taste of the resulting wine. mid atlantic vineyards are bracing for a stink bug
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assault. you don't want to think about it. >> i'm kelly swoope with a look at what is coming up tonight at 11:00. tracking your smart phone or mobile device. how much does the app help? the thing that may stop you from getting your device back. ever want to complain about your boss? we have the latest website that will let you vent anonymously. that sounds kind of scary. >> let's head to the website right now. join us for abc 2 news tonight at 11. >> boss just put a stink bug in my murlow. for the first time since nicky back in 1989 the orioles are sending a catcher to the all star game. wheaters enters hitting .264 with eight homeruns. we are going to find out if the ironman all star game is the
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best moment. fans were able to vote up until saturday. is it the perfect script or the perfect run in 1985. calhomered in the 2001 game all while being switched from 3rd base over back to his original shortstop. a rod saying joe says move over and he did. the winner is going to be announced during the game tonight. let's see how our drive home is fairing tonight. let's go outside. here we are looking at the harbor cam.
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the heat alert. we are under it. >> still another few hours to get through. tomorrow i think most of the day will be in the 80s. we'll get to the low 90s. temperatures in the low 90s. 91 burtonsville. 94 in rock hall. a little more humid there on the eastern shore. take a look tomorrow most of the day mid to upper 80s and then we'll briefly get to the 90s in the afternoon. cooler air begins to roll in tomorrow night. >> no threat of anything violent tonight in the sky. >> thank goodness the radar all
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clear. listen. watch world news next and we'll see you at 11. have a great night. ♪ whoa, whoa! 10:00 and 2:00, buddy. eyes on the road, right? hands on the wheel. [ male announcer ] the want-it, need-it... stay focused. [ male announcer ] ...gotta-have-it taste of mcdonald's burgers. the simple joy worth waiting for. [ young man ] how's your burger, bro? [ laughs ]
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